Functional Vocational Training and Research Society

The development of entrepreneurial skills is the quintessential component of the training programme. FVTRS believes that unless skill in a technical field is combined with 'will', the fullest expression of the human person will remain incomplete. A firm will is an essential attribute in any person who wants not only to start a business, but also to succeed in it and to expand it. Entrepreneurship Skill Development is incorporated in training curricula as life skills and business skills. On-job training is particularly focused as the trainees get the feel of how exactly the market functions.

A technically trained hand is compared in FVTRS analogy to that of a missile which is full of payload and ammunition at the launching pad ready for launching. If the crucial ignition does not take place, the missile will not take off. Through a good EDP training, FVTRS attempts the finer innate dormant faculties of a human person are tapped and made use of for a good future.

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